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NeverWet super hydrophobic coating is a state of  art innovation that repels any liquid substance. The coating has strong forces of cohesion between its molecules that keep them attached together, preventing the slightest mixture with molecules of other liquids. Unlike other similar products, adhesive forces that would attract molecules of other liquids have been reduced to minimum. The scientific success innovation is the reason as to why liquids falling onto a surface coated with NeverWet super hydrophobic coating  will roll off leaving behind no traces.

How does it work?

A scientific approach is considered to create a molecular contact angle of the coating from between 90 degrees and 180 degrees. Most substances such as water would sit and stick onto a substance with a contact angle above 180 degrees. Contact angles lower than 180 degrees but above 90 degrees raise the repelling properties between contacting substances and greatly undermines frictional forces. This leaves the droplet falling onto the coated surface with no option but to increase cohesion amongst its molecules and rolls over the surface.

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